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This Week in Me

MykrophoneIt’s been a busy week, creatively. Here’s a rundown of all of my attempts to get you to pay attention to me:

The WRITE CLUB Atlanta podcast episode 108: “A Fart & A Prayer”

Wrote a brief essay about Brother Hawk’s “Half Empty” on The Occasional Triumphant’s Tumblr (because I totally have one of those now)

Scene Missing Magazine’s podcast featuring their “Bad Love” show

My flash fiction story “Escalation” is among this month’s offerings at The Five Hundred, as has been mentioned before

My interview with a drummer with a robotic prosthesis is up at

I cooked and ate some ridiculous sandwiches and wrote about it for Knuckle Salad’s Munch Madness food competition

Tecosky and I made another entry in our #2s series at Scene Missing Magazine, this time featuring Florida-Georgia Line’s abysmal hit “How We Roll”

Join us next week for the continuing adventures of The Occasional Triumphant!

“Escalation” at The Five Hundred


I submitted a story to March’s round at The Five Hundred, a monthly flash fiction challenge where a prompt is given, you submit your work, then the community critiques it. Yet another excellent outlet for writers and it is based right here in Atlanta. You can read “Escalation” here.

Many thanks to Winston Blake Wheeler Ward for curating the site and being the encouraging bloke he is.

Genesis 6:12 on Thought Catalog

dead media

A long while back, I wrote and performed a piece at the True Story! reading series. That work has finally found a home at Thought Catalog.

For the Google-averse, Genesis 6:12 is from the story of Noah and the flood and in the King James version reads:

And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

Read Genesis 6:12 on Thought Catalog.


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