First Chair

We are currently four days into 2015 and my brother is already logging a busy year. I’m proud of him, so I’m going to indulge for a moment and brag. On New Year’s Eve, he played a show with his band Brother Hawk, supporting Blackberry Smoke in Chattanooga. Here they are doing the same a month before at the Tabernacle in Atlanta:

Two days later, he went from those loftier gigs to pounding drums on┬áthe beer-soaked stage of the Star Bar in the band we’re in together, Mice in Cars. Olivia Kieffer of the Clibber Jones Ensemble caught some of that mess on video:

And just today, the 4th, he was back at his straight job, working as music director at a church in Atlanta, where he recorded this beautiful duet:

All this is not to say that my brother is far more talented than you or I (okay, not entirely to say that), but his busy week is illustrative of a number of things. 1) Figure out what you’re good at and fucking do that. Being well-rounded doesn’t necessarily mean joining every club in the damn yearbook. 2) Music education programs (which we sorely need more of and more money for) produce, surprise! educated musicians who can rock the socks right off of your stupid feet in one moment and bring you to crippling, ugly tears with beauty the very next. And we can all agree that we could use a few more folks capable of that among us.

And 3) My brother is far more talented than you and I.