New Stories Out In The World!


I’m very happy to say that I’ve had two stories published this week. The first is a little parable about the King of Pop which was picked up by The Tusk for their Fiction Week.

Read “The Last Temptation of Michael Jackson” in The Tusk.

The second story is actually in podcast form. A couple years ago I wrote a story for WRITE CLUB basically about a caveman working in an office. That one was picked up by Reading Out Loud, which gives stories the full-on radio drama treatment with narration and voice acting, sound effects, music, the whole shebang. It’s a freaking joy to listen to and the most fun I’ve had listening to my own work, ever.

Hear “Hills Like Times New Roman” from Reading Out Loud right here:


And while we’re at it, the web series I’m involved with dropped its second episode this week and it is a wondrous, dark thing to behold. Go watch Ask Hatter & Hare right now, and get on that podcast while you’re at it.