Myke Johns: Selected Works

by Myke

Capone On Ponce: The Importance of a Good Lie, And Other Truths of Southern Storytelling,

Essay in The Bitter Southerner, July 2014

This multimedia story is an expansion of a radio feature I wrote for WABE. That radio story won a 2014 Georgia Association of Broadcasters award for Best Short Form Feature, and revisiting it for the then still-young Bitter Southerner felt like a natural next step. This is a good example of how stories lead to other stories — I started writing about a gangster and wound up with an article about the changing face of Atlanta. Funny how that happens.


GrantMullinsKhasheeRaheem_byMykeJohns_041415 (1)

Atlanta’s Homeless Men Finding Peace In Art Class

Feature story on WABE Atlanta, 90.1 FM, May 2015

The pitch for this story was originally along the lines of hey, we’ve got this art exhibit opening we’d like to talk about, and I’m very glad we chose to go a little further. The morning I spent with these men and women was incredibly humbling and I went away from those interviews feeling like I had a very fragile bird in my hands, and I had to be careful not to hurt it or let it get away. The work Central OAC is doing it crucial and I hope that I represented them and the people they serve with respect.


Atlanta’s Dad’s Garage Theatre Recounts Their Worst Scene Ever

Feature story on WABE Atlanta, 90.1 FM, July 2016

This is a story about falling on your face, finding redemption, and Genghis Khan. This is not just one my favorite stories I’ve done, but one of my favorite stories I’ve learned about Atlanta, full stop. The nature of the work I do is that I’m a cheerleader, an advocate for the voices and talents in Atlanta. So getting to tell a story about abject failure and the learning that happens after it was a real treat.


Artwork by Chelsea Raflo

Indoor Fireworks

Fiction in Creative Loafing Atlanta, January 2013

This story placed third in Creative Loafing‘s annual fiction contest. The prompt for this story was “the meaning of life.” So of course I wrote about a sentient house that falls in love with its owners. And the thing about falling in love is that sooner or later, you’re going to get your heart broken…